Headless Deathwish is a multi-album extreme but melodic Death Metal project with definite Middle Eastern influences. It is the brainchild and secondary project of Jon Lockett, guitarist and bassist, founder and song-writer of Aqaba Gulf, a “British” Power Metal “band.” Both British and band are in inverted commas because Jon plans to relocate to probably Switzerland possibly Italy, he hopes, during 2017. Britain has proved over the years to be next-to-hopeless for recruiting the required musicians. Jon vacations (and visits friends) several times per year in Switzerland and plans to partake increasingly in Metalchurch out there, a Heavy Metal Christian outreach pastored by Samuel Hug. Repeated advertising on has aroused no British responses whatsoever for either project. But Jon regularly re-registers on the site since it gives a Google listing for free for both. During the registration period for Aqaba Gulf since 2015, Jon received an interested and interesting response from a musician in Kenya who may soon contribute through the internet’s assorted marvellous technologies.

Well, what of Headless Deathwish? Try to imagine the Egyptian musical vibe of American Death Metal band Nile. Combine it with graphic and frequently gruesome titles and lyrics which (on the surface and on immediate inspection) bring to mind the likes of the infamous Cannibal Corpse. Mix in and stir well with what a writer for Kerrang (or some such magazine in hard music circles) once described as the “dark undercurrent of humour” in Carcass. Finally and most significantly, ingredients of uncompromising Bible-based and inspired lyrics covering just about all sixty six books from Genesis to Revelation. Plus historical, modern day, and personal events and factual stories galore, including almost every social issue relevant to the world of today. But most important, the gospel of Jesus Christ. From the Bible AND from Jon’s own experiences of Him this last half of his life so far.

By using the entire Bible in detail, involving hundreds of hours of dedicated study over the years since 2004’s creation of raw material for the first two HD albums, Jon hopes to relate to Jews and Judaism as well as anyone with the remotest interest in Christianity. After all, every book of the Bible ties in tightly with all the others, and ultimately all point to the meaning of life itself, faith in and serving with all sincerity, Jesus Christ. All are the inspired word of the one true Living God, written by people compelled by His Spirit. Don’t let any of the many unbelievers or Pagans who try to discredit or disprove the Bible convince you in their danger-fraught direction of thinking.

One thing’s for sure, Headless Deathwish (whose mascot and main-motivation scripture is Revelation 20;4 – the beheaded-for-their-faith Christian Martyrs) will be highly controversial. But Jon has a compassionate heart to reach out to fans and bands in the extreme Metal scene and not solely more commercial traditional Metal. He seems to have a talent for writing the extreme too, incorporating not compromising every aspect of Christianity in a way that he hopes Pagans and Satanists alike will relate to and respond in positive to.


Concise information found by Googling “Headless Deathwish.”